About A tiny bit of history.

Lightpost began in 2009 as an unnamed custom web application built for the congregation in Katy, Texas. The church had a deep and growing need to centralize and organize data for the Lord's church, to stop confusion from outdated spreadsheets and emails being passed around.

Beginning in 2016, this unnamed application was completely rewritten into Lightpost, with support for other congregations, a mobile app and new communication features. After much testing, a quiet launch, and success at Katy ‐ Lightpost was officially launched in 2018.

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Tiny Business

Tiny Bit Farm is owned and operated by me ‐ Drew Johnston ‐ a member and deacon at the Lord's church in Katy, Texas. My wife and I attend the church of Christ in Katy, Texas, along with our three kiddos.

I am thrilled to put my 20+ years of experience building things with technology to use; helping the church communicate and function more efficiently with Lightpost.

My hope is that Lightpost proves so incredibly useful to the Lord's church, that it will become entirely self-sustaining; allowing me to not only support my family, but to pursue other technology projects to further assist the Lord's church, and the spreading of the Gospel.

I have no shortage of ideas that I only need, and greatly desire, the time to create.

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