A plan for any congregation size

We're accepting a limited number of accounts initially.
We want happy users — where you can be given proper attention.
Check our feature roadmap to see how we're doing.


$ 52 /month
Only $12 per week!
  • 150 Members

  • Unlimited Visitors

  • 20GB Storage

  • Attendance Tracking

  • +6 Available Features!

Most popular


$ 92 /month
Only $21 per week!
  • 250 Members

  • Unlimited Visitors

  • 40GB Storage

  • All Flame Features

  • Visitor Tracking

  • +5 Available Features!


$ 132 /month
Only $30 per week!
  • 400 Members

  • Unlimited Visitors

  • 60GB Storage

  • Worship Assignments

  • +4 Available Features!

Need More Members?
Add additional members to any plan for only $9 per 100 members.
Lampstand Plan
Less than 50 members? Get full access to all the Flame license features for only $29/month.
Candle Plan
Directory & Messaging only?
Get the Members, Directory, Mobile App & Messaging features for only $19/month.
Special budget constraints? We want to help. Reach out for more information.


Features to grow into

Optional features are available to all plans as add-ons.

Feature Flame Campfire Bonfire
Members 150 250 400
Visitors Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB
   Mobile Apps
Member Accounts
Member Directory
Includes Photo Directory!
Group Messaging
(Email, SMS, Voice)
Group Posts
Member Involvement
Sermon Uploading
Class Registration
File Sharing
Crisis Check-in
Website Integration
Online Giving Available! Available! Available!
Attendance Tracking
Visitor Tracking
$9 / mo
Worship Assignments
Version 2.0!
$14 / mo $14 / mo
Public & Private
$9+ / mo $9+ / mo $9+ / mo
Child Check-in $14 / mo $14 / mo $14 / mo
Financial Management
Coming Sept 2022!
$14 / mo $14 / mo $14 / mo
Song Tracking
Coming Oct 2022!
Library Management
Coming 2023!
$9 / mo $9 / mo $9 / mo
Background Checks Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
User Import
One-time fee
Available Available Available
Priority Support
Care Calendars, E-vites, Event Registrations, Camp & VBS Management and more!
Check out the roadmap for more details.
User data importing from other systems is available for a $199 one-time fee.
*Availability dependent on data format.

Ready to dive in?
Start today.

Online Giving

Giving ‐ Simplified

A flat $20/month to enable all online giving features.
All transaction fees are a direct cost from your payment processor Stripe.


Online & Mobile Giving
Integrated into the Lightpost web and mobile app.
flat, monthly fee

Per transaction fees
(from payment processor)

Credit and debit cards
Integrated per-transaction pricing.
The price is the same for all cards.
2.9% + 30¢
per successful card charge
ACH Debits
ACH direct debit, ACH credit, or wire transfers.
$5 cap per transaction

Other Fees
(from payment processor)

International Payments
Additional fees required for international cards and currency conversion.
for international cards
Instant Payouts
Instant Payouts lets you access funds within minutes using an eligible debit card, right from the Stripe Dashboard.


Simple, Automatic Podcasting

Turn the lessons you upload into Podcasts ‐ distributed to all the major platforms.
All automatically. You just bring the content.

Super Easy Postcasting

First 10,000 downloads
Includes analytics and distribution to major platforms.
per month

Additional Bandwidth

15,000 additional downloads
Billed based on actual usage.
50,000 additional downloads
Billed based on actual usage.

Platform Distribution

Includes automatic submission to Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Amazon Music, Listen Notes, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.
Submission processing time varies by platform.


No hidden costs

Certain features we offer require consumption based pricing.
We offer these as close to a pass through cost as we can.

Email Messaging

Price per Email Address
Price per Email Sent
$0.0012 / email

SMS Messaging

NOTICE (July 2022): Due to new telecom rules and regulations, pricing for
SMS is being updated and will be finalized soon.
Price per Phone Number
$5 / group / month
$19 setup fee* / group
Price per Text Message Sent
$0.023 / SMS

New! Voice Messaging

Price per Voice Message Sent
$0.046 / minute

Extra Storage

Each plan comes with storage — pricing is for any extra storage needed.

Price per GB
$0.13 / GB / month
* New telecom carrier rules require the manual process of acquiring, verifying and providing justification for the use of phone numbers to send SMS messages on a per number basis.
We are working through these new rules, requirements and costs.

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