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We have an extensive roadmap and are working hard to achieve
the vision of a connected church.

See something we're missing? Let us know! Our current roadmap has been created by working with churches... and we'll continue to do so!

  • Worship Assignments
    v1.0 Just Released!
  • Calendars
    In Beta Just Released!
  • Website Integration via Wordpress plug-in Just Released!
  • Messaging (Email & SMS) Released!
  • Bible Class Registration Released!
  • Sermon Uploading Released!
  • Mobile App     Released!
  • Attendance Tracking Released!
  • Member Involvement Released!
  • File Sharing Released!
  • Member Directory Released!
  • User Accounts & Photos Released!
  • User Groups & Roles Released!
  • Upgraded Attendance Tracking In Progress
  • Group Posts In Progress
  • Prayer List In Progress
  • Pictorial Directory In Progress
  • Visitor Tracking In Progress
  • Instant Chat on Mobile In Progress
  • Online Giving Planning Phase
  • Podcasting Planning Phase
  • Song Tracking Planned
  • Finance Management Planned
  • Library Management Planned
  • Nursery / Child Check-in Planned
  • Care Calendars Planned
  • E-vites Planned
  • Background Checks Planned
  • Family Circles Planned
  • More! Planned