Your data is your data. It is protected with the upmost care.

You can sleep well knowing that your data is safe.
This responsibility is taken very seriously and have built Lightpost with this in mind from day one.

In the interest of transparency, outlined below are just some of the ways that your data is protected.

  Servers & Hosting

How we host our technology

  • Hosting infrastructure runs on Digital Ocean as our primary hosting provider, and Linode as our off-site backup.

  • Extensive logs and metrics is kept on activity that happens on Lightpost servers.

  • Servers are only accessible via an SSH connection. SFTP and other access is disabled.

  • Two-factor authentication for all third party services related to Lightpost is turned on.

  Lightpost Application

What powers Lightpost

  • Lightpost is a SaaS application is built on an industry leading web framework Laravel

  • The framework and application dependencies are continually kept up to date.

  • All database calls are sanitized before execution.

  • CSRF tokens are utilized to prevent cross site request forgeries.

  • All application errors and warnings are logged into a bug tracker for detailed analysis.


How data is secured

  • Websites and mobile apps transmit data over SSL-enabled encrypted connections (HTTPS).

  • Passwords are stored using the one-way bcrypt hashing method. Passwords can never be seen or retrieved, even if we wanted to.

  • Specific information identified as sensitive in our database is encrypted at rest.


We employ several methods for data backup to make sure your data is never lost and our backups are never old.

How data is stored

  • The Lightpost database employs streaming replication to a secondary off-site location.

  • The primary database takes daily, weekly and monthly backups.

  • The secondary database takes daily, weekly and monthly backups and stores these remotely at an additional off-site location.

  • Backup process are monitored and alerts are triggered if backups fail.

Want more details? I'd love to chat! Reach out for more information.

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